E51AMF – Thanks!

With E51AMF and E51ADD QRT for a few days, a quick update on operations, QSL’ing and next step are in order.

As E51AMF, I completed 7363 QSOs with 4224 unique stations over the course of approximately 25 days.  Additionally, I logged just over 1000 QSOs from E51ADD on Rarotonga.  I’m pleased with my effort and the results and learned an incredible amount in a compressed time.

First, thanks to all that worked me, provided pointers by email, helped find a new QRG, spotted me, provided criticism, or encouragement.  I enjoyed the trip and it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Thanks to DX Engineering for their incredible support of this trip.  I will post an overview of the station in the coming days, many of their products helped get stations in the log where they wouldn’t have been heard otherwise.

Thanks for the support from the Western Washington DX Club.  I am fortunate to have found such a great resource in my area.  I smiled every time I worked a member and appreciate the financial support from the club.

Thanks to the generous support of individuals.  As a reminder, 100% of all donations above and beyond QSL’ing costs will be donated directly to the Amateur Foundation.  This was a self-funded trip.  A list of all who donated $10 or more is provided at the end of the post.  Thank you!

QSL card will be sent to the printer by the end-of-week.  LoTW uploads as soon as certificates are received.  QRZ.com and eQSL will be uploaded for anyone who confirmed by some other means (OQRS, Direct, Buro, LoTW) in 90 days and again periodically.

Busted call inquiries can be addressed to [email protected]

I’m honored to have been asked to speak at Visalia about my impressions as a new DXPeditioner.  I’ll see you there!

73, K7ADD

Donations over $10.  Thanks!

W0YK Ed Muns
WM9F Jeff Cartnal
N8BI Jack Comer
KE5ZW Paul Gilbert
UA4CC Arkadiy
K1RI Bob Elliot
NT1K Jeffrey Bail
ZL3TE Wes Printz
K9YM David O. Lewis
K4RPD Joseph R Cantey
VE3CRG Brian H Crook
OE6IMD Michael Micu-Budisteanu
WS5W Steve Jones
K8KT Karl Thompson
64919 Raymond Crawford
W4EEY Gary Wise
KK4CB Harvey “Clint” Bryant
KC2THY John Stockman Jr
W9HBH Steve Smith
WB2GMK Greg Grambor
K0IDT Ron Kolarik