Club Log and Donations Live

I’ve set up the basic Club Log page and the Club Log donation page.  I’ve left the leaderboard feature enabled, please read our Plans page for our operating guidelines.  I’m happy to make the QSO, but will be working off our list of priorities with Europe and ATNO coming first.  I’ll leave the leaderboard enabled as long as it isn’t causing problems.

I’ll be uploading to Club Log in realtime, throughout the DXPedition using NX1P’s ClubPi.   Logs should be visible <5 minutes after a QSO is logged.  Only about 2 weeks remain before I depart for Rarotonga in the southern group of the Cooks.  I then fly to Manihiki on January 10th and will be QRV as quickly as possible.

All donations of $5 USD or more qualify for free OQRS after the DXPedition. All funds will be used for QSL supplies and buro cards. In the unlikely event of surplus funds, they will be donated to the Amateur Foundation.