July 28, 2016


** Update **

I will now also be active from Rarotonga (OC-13) in the South Cook Islands – E5/S as E51ADD.  Active from Jan 5th-9th 2017 and again from Feb 8th-18th.  As with the North Cooks, will also focus on EU, ATNO, and rates.

Activity and Plans

QRV January 11th-February 6th 2017 on 10m through 80m (160m possible, not guaranteed) SSB, and RTTY (other high-rate digital modes possible) using 1500W into verticals and wires near salt water.  I will not be active on CW.

Priorities for this operation:

  1. Europe – E5/N is currently #25 on Clublog’s most wanted list and getting into Europe is top priority.
  2. ATNO – E5/N is #65, globally and those who need it for DXCC standings is important.  Toward the end of the trip, the pilots will help to designate a day or two for those who need E5/N for All Time New Ones (not people filling band-slots).
  3. Rates – This is K7ADD’s first real DXPedition and we’re going to focus on improving skills, understanding of propagation, and ‘getting them in the log.’

Africa and Oceania (VK/ZL and OC Islands) are sparsely populated enough that I’ll frequently stop, while working NA/JA to work them.   We’ll have the best chance of meeting these priorities if operators adhere to the DX Code of Conduct, listen, and don’t call out of turn.

You can see the gear we’ll be using on the equipment page.


This will be updated as details are firmed up, including specific times and band plans.  The most recent information is always available on our news page.  Questions can be addressed to our incredible support team: [email protected]NASA Image of the Day