Expert Linears Sponsorship

We have secured sponsorship for a second SPE Expert 1.3K-FA, thanks to Expert Linears America LLC.

Itexpert-linears-america-llc‘s a small and powerful (near legal limit) linears that covers all amateurs bands from 1.8 to 54 MHz including WARC bands and, where permitted, is able to work on 5 MHz (60 m.) and 70 MHz (4 m.).  It’s completely automatic and remotable.  Weighing only 7.5 Kg. (16.5 Ibs), it’s perfect for use in the shack and is superlative for DXpeditions.  All operating conditions (frequency, antenna, tuner etc.) are controlled from your transceiver.  The operator needs only move the frequency-tuning knob on the transceiver.  It is possible to connect it to every transceiver available on the market as it is extremely user-friendly and is easily best-in-class.


Thanks again, Expert Linears America LLC.